Beer! Mermaids! Jazz! The grand Copenhagen birthday-meet of 2009

On Wednesday the plan was to 1) stay in bed until about 1pm when Dimview returned from the airport after collecting our Dutch noder friend, sloebertje, and then 2) go out and do some touristy exploration. We began at the square of Kongens Nytorv and headed north. We veered right to Amalienborg which is a wide octagonal courtyard where apparently the Danish royal family lives in winter. Queen Margaret was born on April 16, and was due to make a public appearance on her birthday, but unfortunately that would have been too late for us. Evil Catullus remarked that it was a pity she hadn't come out earlier. By "come out" I assume he meant "been born". There were one or two smart guards with bearskin hats and black uniforms around the place, patrolling rather than standing perfectly still like Queen's Guard in London, though they had very distinctive tall narrow pointy-roofed red hexagonal houses to stand in, with just enough width for a man to stand upright. I saw these in several other places around Copenhagen (without guards nearby) so I'm given to wonder if there isn't something more significant there. Continuing in the same direction we reached the small garden of Amaliehavn and then the waterfront, with its spectacular view of the Copenhagen_Opera_House and quite a lot of what DTal and I deemed to be quite amazingly clean water.

We headed back in the opposite direction to visit Frederik's Church. The decoration inside of Frederik's Church is pleasantly understated by comparison with other churches and cathedrals I've seen in the past. There was a very minimal quantity of "bling" and instead a large amount of very modern grey stonework and natural lighting.

We continued to head north past various pieces of interesting and pretty architecture. The thing about the architecture in Copenhagen is not just that it's all good to look at; it's also spaced apart nicely. There is no clashing, competing jumble of styles; each has its own space on the road. I like that. We passed a statue to the Danish soldiers of World War II and entered Kastellet ("The Citadel") which is a fortified star-shaped island. I had interpreted the name to mean "Castle" so I was not expecting to find nothing more than barracks and wide open grassy spaces. Kastellet has a very large perimeter for its area (very unlike a circle, which is the most efficient such arrangement) so it occurred to me that finding enough men to defend the whole perimeter would have been difficult. On the other hand, the artificial hills (fortifications, I suppose) and moat probably counterbalance that.

We looped back around to the west, passing rows and rows of mass-produced housing intended for dock workers. (The dock in question no longer actually stands on the waterfront we had just visited.) These houses were very small and close together but, like everywhere in Copenhagen, the streets separating them were very wide, giving no impression of crowding. The houses were also painted bright orange-yellow with red details, rather resembling something you'd see in a Disney movie. We passed one more church, had some difficulty locating somewhere to eat, since the place Dimview had been headed for was now under the management of a different person, very smoky and no longer served food, and eventually wound up at a restaurant called Amadeus. I'm mildly boastful of the fact that I elected to have the Amadeus Burger before everybody else did. That is to say, Dimview, DTal, Wntrmute, sloebertje and Evil Catullus all chose to have the same burger, but it was my idea first. The Amadeus Burger can be fairly described as the Ultimate Burger. Half a pound of meat was purely secondary to the gigantic quantity of bun, crisp salad and sauce provided alongside it. Only DTal managed to clear his plate. Cash well spent.

We returned to Kongens Nytorv where Dimview and sloebertje disappeared off to parts unknown to do girly shopping while Evil Catullus, DTal, Wntrmute tried and failed to purchase ice cream from a nearby stand. When we got home we were forced to move the Beerometer to a second, longer wall, having run out of room on the first one. Dimview demonstrated her ability to interlock all her toes and her much more significant other ability to open a bottle of beer with a pair of gripping pliers. (I tried to duplicate the feat, and ended up with a blister on my finger.) We opened and then sank the entire bottle of vodka. This was a mistake on my part, it must be said. I dimly remember being put to bed that night, and waking up at 5:30am still in my clothes, something which I have never done before.

Gosh, really thought about quitting last two days.

Wrote a piece in my diary and put it on the web log section that the hospital admin and other doctors saying you have to see 18 per day and see them for only one thing, feels totally unethical to me. I went into Family Practice to care for the whole person and the family. I currently have two couples who are divorced or divorcing where I take care of both parties. Neither seems to care. My brain carefully didn't connect them up until really recently.

I got together with C last night and talked. She thinks the admin/other docs are nuts. She works part time and works with Dr. L, the oldest doctor in the system, and she says that NO ONE has said 18 patients a day to her. And I suspect not to him either. I'm just getting flack because I am protesting. If I would keep my mouth shut I could fly under the radar but the problem is, we are going to burn out more doctors AND it is bad for the patients. My last patient last night said she'd never gotten as good care as with me. I saw her for her back, noted she was hoarse, bugged her into going to an ENT and lo, she has vocal cord polyps and needs surgery. They don't THINK it's cancer. But gosh, according to the admin/other docs, I should not have brought up her voice or I should have made her come back. Thing was, I was worried about it and I was worried that she wouldn't come back, so I thought, fuck the schedule and did what I thought was right. Sometimes there is only a small window of opportunity and one should damn well go through it. The other docs say I'm an amazing clinician but it's because I listen hard and pay attention to those windows. If you do not knock on the door, it won't open. It's the thing I love about Family Practice, you never know what in the hell you're going to see next. Toe pain turns out to be neuropathy because the person has diabetes and doesn't know it. Hello. Shove them out the door after you have tested their glucose and found that it is 300? I think not. They are sitting there in shock because they thought they needed insoles.

I did J's adult improv class two nights ago. It was fabulous. But I felt entirely comfortable in waiting to hear what the other person would say because it is the same as clinic. If you ignore the template, if you just go into a room open, it is improv. I am responding to whatever the person says, asking questions, knocking on doors, trying to figure out what to ask next and what is the problem and what, if anything, can I do about it? Also I have to pay attention to what sort of doctor they have in mind, though I am not terribly malleable that way. That's why the templates make me see red. They fuck up the process. One of the providers, who I do not like, even has his NURSE ask the template questions. Whew, that way he really hardly has to have contact with the patient at all. If the computer is going to ask the questions, let the patient talk to the computer. Otherwise, the fucking computer needs to stay out of my way.

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