It is still me, Dr. Sam Beckett writing to you in this "node." I reached Baltimore last night and got off the bus. Eventually I asked around and found out where Behr used to hang out, a shot up building down by the docks that I can only see part of the sign of. It says "Cultural Center" and the rest was shot or burned off. Apparently, some bad business went down here not so long ago.

After asking around, talking mainly to some of the hobos hanging out around the burned out building, I discovered that Chopper is currently working at a Blockbuster video store that is actually a front for some kind of money laundering operation. What kind of work was this man doing?

Inside, I found Chopper after asking some men with AK-47s about him. Since they thought I was Behr, I was brought straight in.

Chopper, it turns out, is a lifesize, cardboard stand up of James Dean.

This didn't cause me to leap. I am still here. Al is running some new probabilities. I have to get out of this man. He's very creepy.

Take care.

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