Books: Frederick, MD's used book store, Wonder Books, has a large physics section. K.N. Mukhin's "Experimental Nuclear Physics," Vol. 1: Physics of Atomic Nucleus, was only $3.99, so naturally it had to be bought, as did R. Gladkova and N. Kutylovskaya's "Selected Questions and Problems in Physics," for $0.99. Both are hard cover, published by Mir Publishers, Moscow, and well-translated.

The former reads like a mystery novel, as it presents an experimentalist's approach to nuclear physics. It recapitulates our discoveries of the workings of the atomic nucleus and the interaction of nucleons, and only then does it give theories that fit experimental data points. Early theories that fit data, provisional in nature, are presented first. Incorrect theories that only half-fit real data are presented as red herrings in mystery novels. We wonder if a more clear and more general theory would emerge that would fit all of the observable facts. Sometimes one does - like quantum chromodynamics. Sometimes, it doesn't, like nuclear shell models, and explanations for why heavy nuclei having an excess of neutrons are more stable than those having equal numbers of neutrons and protons, as is the case for light nuclei.

This is true science. True science always has nature's truth to judge man's theories. It is frequently incomplete. Theory is developed frantically, and then there is a lull, until more data are presented, and then theorists are hard at work, competing against each other, desperate to be the first to arrive at good, complete models.

Exercise: After exercise, 17 inch biceps. No weightlifting, just pushups and chinups. I think I am actually getting stronger as I get older. This was unexpected.

Recovery time between injuries is longer, however, and that is as expected. The right tendon is still tender from a mild case of tendonitis. I have been doing calf stretching and calf strengthening exercises to counter the effect of tenderness, but nothing seems to help except not running. This is unacceptable.

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