Hi today I write this because I feel so so terrible inside myself that I find it hard to take each breath.

I have explored my soul and find that good intentions do not equal a good person. I know I am a horrible person

for what I have done with my life. I know that I am to suffer a horrible many trageties because of my wrong doings.

But might I also state that I have always had the clairvoiance to know that this was my life. Too Know ones path

doesnt make it eaiser to journey though. Many palavers I have sat, wondering what my fate might be. Every time I

come to the distinct factual conclusion of aloneness and seperatism from the world throughout time. I am not

disolusioned but only dishearted. I always wanted a good family, friends and someone to share it with. Yes my

intentions have been noble and yes my heart is pure, but that is not enough. For many the perception I posses would

be considered a blessing but for me a just and vicious slight. Lol (laugh) Knowing that you dont posses the

ability to stay strong in your convictions and do what you know is the right path, to have so little faith as to fall

deep into the abyss of misfortune from such a even starting ground is hell on earth. I have watched better men die.

Or have I really. I dare not ask most days. But I do know this, those men and women ive seen fall, in life were often

ready for death and maybe that is it. The key, im so against my own convictions because i know that once you become

a convicted good person you so often fail and die. I am not going with out a fight and life will not roll over me.

I have a misguided passion for a fight and for a love so amazing i often look for it in places of the less fortunate.

I love you world and never get tired of listening to your stories. I am sad to say altough I feel overwhelmed by you

at times I am also inspired. Lastly to my love where ever you are, I loved you before I ever met you. Goodnite and

peace be with you. Sincerley just me... I pray for the fallen.

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