Violence is a pretty powerful aphrodisiac, especially when it's being meted out on your behalf.

We went out last night. Me, my fiance and a friend. Our city is a very small city, so it's very hard to go out and not bump into someone you know. We did.

A few years ago I was involved in a very ill-advised production of The Rocky Picture Horror Show (how ill-advised is an entirely different node altogether). I played Eddie/Dr. Scott, and the girl who played Columbia was a crazy stalker who got way too into her role, to the point where she was actually trying to molest me on stage (possibly the only convincing part of the entire show). She sent me naked photos of herself, she told me every one of her fantasies involving me. It was affecting our professional relationship, if you can call it that.

Last night we ran into her. I knew this situation wouldn't turn out well, as while she was being polite she was still the clingy, needy psychopath she always was. This continued through the night despite our best attempts to get rid of her. We literally told her to fuck off at one point. She didn't listen.

Finally my fiance had enough. In a split second she lashed out, throwing a punch that literally knocked this other girl on her ass. My beloved is tiny. She's a very small, petite asian who I completely tower over, yet she managed to not only floor this girl but did it with one hit. I was enthralled. The entire bar was silent for a few seconds, and Columbia managed to look up with an expression very much like a kicked puppy.

I was stunned, naturally. I've never seen this side of her before, and I liked it. Her eyes narrowed, and she was clearly worked up.

"You're coming with me. Now." Of course I was. I was so fucking hers.

I've never had two women fight over me before. It's a very thrilling experience.

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