The first computer model built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs at the founding of Apple Computer. The machine was presented by the two at the Homebrew Computer Club, as Woz designed improvements around the 6502 circuitry. In May 1976 they got an order for 50 Apple I computers by Byte Shop, at the price of US$666.66 each. 220 of the Apple I computers were made.

Actually, the first version of the company, Apple Computer Company was founded on April 1 1976, by Woz, Jobs, and Ron Wayne. On January 3 1977, while working on the Apple II, it was incorporated as Apple Computer Inc.; Wayne was out, and Mike Markkula became the new funder (not founder).

Some specs:

  • Microprocessor:
      Running at 1.063/0.960Mhz
  • Video Out:
    • 40 rows / 24 lines of text
      Composite Video
  • RAM Memory:
    • 4Kb
  • External devices needed (not bundled in the kit):
    • An ASCII encoded Keyboard
    • Video Display monitor
    • AC power sources 8-10V @3 amps and 28V @1amp

Built into the computer was a Hex Monitor which permitted viewing and editing of the computer memory. It was 256 bytes long.

See the manual for the original Apple I at:

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