Ap"od (#), Ap"o*dal (#), a. [See Apod, n.]


Without feet; footless.

2. Zool.

Destitute of the ventral fin, as the eels.


© Webster 1913.

Ap"od (#), Ap"ode (#), n.; pl. Apods (#) or Apodes (#). [Gr. απους, αποδος, footless; α priv. + πους, ποδος, foot.] Zool.

One of certain animals that have no feet or footlike organs; esp. one of certain fabulous birds which were said to have no feet.

⇒ The bird of paradise formerly had the name Paradisea apoda, being supposed to have no feet, as these were wanting in the specimens first obtained from the East Indies.


© Webster 1913.

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