An amazingly fascinating store, with some of the most wonderful poor-boys around. As far as i know, this small chain exists only in Texas--this may not be true, but i've only found them there, and believe me i've *looked*. The stores that just sell the poor-boys are just a place with good food. However thier *stores* are amazing. They specialize in imports, and they have some of the coolest, trippiest, most amazing foreign food-items around. They specialize in and carry almost entirely imports. There are of course all kinds of cool foreign candy things, but they have canned veggies, foreign drinks, condiments, packaged/dried things. Just all *manner* of fascinating things. Even for people who don't like "shopping" for food, it's truly fascinating just wander around and look at all the weird stuff as you figure out what you want to eat and get your order.

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