A shop on the outskirts of the Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska. The main floor(s) have a bunch of used books for sale. In the back you can play chess with some of the regulars. Other regulars hang out in the front and discuss. In the basement is a record store that also sells used cd's and videos. Upstairs is an art gallery. Among others, they have featured the art of Bill Farmer (deceased). Bands have also played up there before, but it really is not a music venue.
A scene from "Omaha, The Movie" also took place in the antiquarium. Overall, one of the coolest places in Omaha when I was growing up there.

Much to my regret, I discovered a little while back that the Antiquarium -- in the Old Market, anyway -- is no more. The owner recently decided to move to Brownville, NE, which is apparently trying to make itself into a "book town." While I have no idea how they expect to get as much business an hour and a half out of the city, the new store will be in the virtuous location of an old school. I can only hope that it'll find as much success tucked out of the way like that, as it has in the heart of everything cool in Omaha.

The Antiquarium record store from the basement moved to a location roughly a block away, but the new place is pretty plain, and I'm not expecting it to last very long without its parent, particularly considering that Sam Goody, Homers, and Drastic Plastic are all nearby. However, one can always hope that cheap vinyl is still viable -- and I hope it is, given that I prefer buying music in old formats to pirating it in the new.

Update: Antiquarium Records closed at the end of September, 2012.

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