Anti-life means litteraly against life. It is the antithesis of pro-life, or in favor of life. Those who protest against abortion are fond of calling those who believe abortion should be legal and available "Anti-Life".

This is however a rather incorrect label. One who is truely anti-life would be in favor of mandatory abortion and argue to outlaw birth, even more so they would probably advocate the use of nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on this planet.

I have yet to see any group take this position (not even VHEMT whose main platform is voluntary human extinction), this label is entirely incorrect, and useful only for pro-life groups who are preaching to the choir.

A more correct term would be "pro-abortion-choice", as they normally call themselves pro-choice as to state that they believe a woman should have the right to choose, however "pro-choice" leaves out that they only really mean it about abortion and don't always believe it about other issues.

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