The Antelope Valley is the portion of Los Angeles County that aproximately starts around the Interstate 5, 210 interchange and anything beyond the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Moutnains to about the Kern County. It is the last major undeveloped area in Los Angeles and is still sparsely populated. Major cities in the area are Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and Lancaster. The only major roadway that goes through the area is the Antelope Valley Freeway or California Highway 14.

Now due to the lack of any urban developemnt, I find the Antelope Valley a quick getaway from the dingy scene of Los Angeles. A few hours and just start aimlessly driving around there. It's absolutely wonderful. The original major roads through the area, US Highway 99 and US Highway 6 have long since been abandoned for the Antelope Valley Freeway, and if you like the kind of solitude where only 1-5 cars pass you every 30 minutes, it's really very nice. You can drive for hours and just enjoy the smogless scenery. One interesting natural point of interest in the valley is in Lancaster. It's the California State Poppy Reserve. During the spring you can see tons and tons of California Golden Poppies. I went there as a child, we came a little too early so all we saw was the hulk of a car and a mattress. Please people! This is a flower reserve!

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