Another Night

this motley crew bought my beer from me,
bought packs of cigarettes
from me,
played foosball, and
cooed over the big white dog, all while i screwed and
drilled and pounded on my podium.
eventually all but brouwer left and he
and i had a game of foosball, talked some about art,
inspected the new
bluescript, then he went home,
at about 5:30. i masturbated.
i went to get milk at 7-11. i ate a few bowls of Meijer's
sugar frosted flakes. i read some of the new Details.
thought about masturbating
again. decided against it.
i then went to my bed, turned on
my fan, stripped down to my grey hanes boxer briefs,
looked in the big black
Pier One mirror, thought: damn i'm thin and my cock looks hot and big,
and i layed down to dream of you.

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