An unincorporated city of northeast Virginia that rests mostly inside the Capital Beltway. It's population is 54,994, making it the largest city in Fairfax County, VA, which is the most populous single jurisdiction in Virginia and one of the three or four biggest in the mid-atlantic states. Located 12 miles outside of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.. Lies in the 11th District of the United States of America. While prominently white, also has a very strong Asian population. It also contains the main branch of Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia's largest university.

"Downtown" Annandale consists of handful of medium-rises, bars, international food eateries and other places of commerce. To the east and west of "Downtown" they are many fine residental neighborhoods which make up the majority of Annandale. To the west lie neighborhoods with names like Camelot, Truro, Wakefield Forest and Red Fox and to the east are more similar neighborhoods with names like Fairland, Annandale Acres, Alpine and Indian Run.

Major roads include Little River Turnpike, Columbia Pike, Annandale Road, Heritage Road, and for me personally, Wakefield Chapel Road and Wakefield Drive.

Annandale is bordered by Fairfax City to the west, Springfield and Burke to the south, Alexandria to the east and Falls Church to the north.

Throughout the city they are also lots of beautiful regional parks. Many of which are beautiful, safe, serve many purposes and I'm glad they are there. Yet some parks get bad reps with overblown stories on the evening news of gang warfare taking place at them.

While it's a great place to live and work, usually you have to venture out of Annandale and into other jurisdictions for a good time, which is no big deal because everything is close. Personally, I spent most of my good times in Fairfax City, Arlington, Old Town Alexandria and D.C.

Yet, people dwelling in those respective cities also sometimes find themselves bored with their own towns and come to Annandale to shake it at Main Street USA, shoot some pool at the Cue Club Cafe, have the mid-atlantic's finest faijtas at Silverados, or try any type of sushi ever known to man at IchiBang, or just throw back a couple drinks at the always rowdy Kilroy's.

I guess you can say it's a nice bond that everyone in the well knit Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C suburbs has with one another.

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