The infamous "woman in red" who was instrumental in the death of the gangster John Dillinger. She was a Romanian immigrant facing deportation charges related to the running of brothels in Gary, Indiana and East Chicago. She was also the one renting an apartment to Polly Hamilton, Dillinger's girlfriend. Sage went to the police and offered to identify Dillinger in return for reward money and help blocking her deportation. The FBI told her the deal was acceptable and it was arranged for Dillinger to take her and Hamilton to the movies. They ended up seeing the Clark Gable gangster film Manhattan Melodrama at Chicago's Biograph theater. Sage actually wore an orange skirt that only looked red in the artificial lighting around the theater. Following the movie, as the three walked by, an agent lit a cigar as the prearranged signal to move in on public enemy number one. Dillinger realizing his predicament grabbed for his gun and ran off toward an alley. Five shots were fired at the fleeing criminal, three hitting and killing him.

For her part, Sage got $5000 reward money but the FBI did not give her help with immigration and she was subsequently deported.

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