Character from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series. Anna, formerly Andy Ramsey, owns the house at 28 Barbary Lane. She's a marijuana-growing, perspicacious, witty and elegant 'old lady who used to be a man', ie, a transsexual. (Her name is an anagram of 'a girl and a man'). She calls her tenants her 'children', and mothers them, especially Mona Ramsey, her natural daughter. She meets Edgar Halcyon, Mary Ann Singleton's boss and DeDe Halcyon Day's father, on a bench, and they have an affair, which ends when Edgar dies. She doesn't get up to much after that until the last book - when she goes on holiday with Mona to Lesbos and has a nice affair with a Greek - but is kind of ever-present, and a constant link between the other characters.

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