Born August 18 1859, died April 15 1935

Anna Ancher was born and raised in the Skaw. Her talent was obvious from the very beginning, and she gained contact with the visual art through the painters, who setteled there to work. Here she also met Michael Ancher, whom she married in 1880. They had a daughter, Helga Ancher. Prior to this Anna Ancher had studied 3 years in Vilhelm Kyhns malerskole (pictorial art school) in Copenhagen. But she was one of a kind and became a pioneer in the observation of the correlation of colours in light.

Anna Ancher is considered one of Danmarks finest painters with her gift to potray people and as a colourist. Her art was redeemed by the ideals of the modern breakthrough in nordic art, about a truer portrayal of reality, for instance in Blå Ane (Blue Ane)(1882) and Pigen i Køkkenet (the Girl in the Kitchen)(1883-86). Her preferred motives were interior and simple everyday scenes from the Skaw, and she was intensly engaged in exploring colour and light, for instance in Interiør med Klematis (Interior with Clematis)(1913). But she also composed more complex compositions, for instance with En begravelse (A Funeral)(1891). Her works have often represented Danish art abroad.

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