This is another Crazy Theory (tm) I wrote recently. It is my theory of human existence, called Animal Tech, or AT for short. Note to self: stop mixing aspirin and beer.

AT was conceived several years ago, but came to full fruition in one night. Once upon a time, I was a soul searching for answers, much like you. I sought out the teachings of Judaism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Perhaps being of Asian descent, I felt the most comfortable with the tenets of Eastern religions, especially the idea that one could achieve realization, enlightenment, through introspection and meditation. I liked the idea that the power was within you, that through your own mind you could discover the universe. I cultivated Chi, I practiced martial arts, I believed in the mystical power of the cosmos, that it was there, waiting to be realized.

One day, my wife declared that she was leaving me, to “find herself.” Of course, it was a terrible blow, and turned my world upside down. Suddenly, all my faith and inner resources no longer were enough to sustain me; I was bitter and angry. I began to doubt the truth of my previous convictions. Chi meditation suddenly felt like just a rush of blood, nothing more. It was no longer mystical or spiritual. That’s when AT was conceived, although I had no idea at the time.

I began to discard the things I believed based purely on faith. I no longer believed that you could fly, that you could speak directly to another person’s mind, or that the universe held mystical power if only you could tap into it. Soon I gave up believing that I was or could become one with the cosmos. Ironically enough, as I was discarding my spiritual beliefs, my ex-wife was subscribing heavily to a number of ideas, such as Ultimate Body, and the Goddess Nature.

After one night of babysitting our son at her house, being bored, I picked up some of her spiritualism books and began to read. At this point, I had discarded all metaphysical notions, but had thought a little about what it meant for me to not embrace those ideas. I was beginning to feel comfortable with the idea that I was just there, that there might not be any meaning to human existence.

The book I picked up was called Angel Tech. As I read the preface, I began to laugh. The things the author was saying were ridiculous. He began by decrying other “mysticalschools of thought, then proceeded to explain how humans were angels of light, but that we had forgotten. Angel Tech would help them to remember, to achieve the “truth” of human existence, to help them achieve their angel light. The author had detailed information about what existence was, the stages of Angel Tech, and the method to achieving angelness. I laughed harder and harder with each sentence, and then it suddenly hit me.

All schools of thought are made up. No one knows for sure, we can only provide theories and conjecture. Angel Tech is an elaborate fantasy, as are every other mystical or spiritual system. Animal Tech is also made up – I made it up. But it’s not fantastic or mystical or spiritual. And it’s not a system; it is one simple idea about human existence.

Animal Tech separates the mind from the body. Our mind has been the cause of our befuddlement all along. For just a moment, take the mind away, and what is left? A body, a physical entity no different from any animal, except its form. We are nothing more than another life form, a specific combination of molecular structures, powered by electrical charges. We differ from the animals only by benefit of superior cognitive ability. It is this superior intellect that has held us back.

We search for answers, for reason, because we can. We think because we have this “gift” that there must be a reason for it. We have a difficult time accepting that we’re nothing more than animals, because we can build skyscrapers, and create machines that propel us over land, under water and through the air. This is all just our mind tricking us; it demands a reason. But it’s just ego and arrogance. Our minds are advanced to be sure, and it has the ability to conceive and to reason, and to question. Take that away and we are just flesh and bone and electrical signals.

I’ve already begun to dilute the basic ideas of AT, by proceeding into the quagmire that is the egotistical mind. The very basic idea is that we are nothing more than animals, possessed of the most advanced mind in the animal kingdom. And it is that mind that refuses to accept our physical nature. But that’s all it is. Animals are born, they eat, sleep, mate. We do the same. Animals, not having our brains, know their place instinctively; they do not sit around wondering about God, because if they did, they would soon starve. We exist for no higher purpose than to be a creature in the Earth’s ecosystem. Only our advanced brains confuse us, and make us out to be more than what we are.

.. to be continued?

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