Animalympics was a movie about animals who hold their own Olympic competition. Among the actors providing character voices are Gilda Radner and Billy Crystal.

This animated film was designed to commercialize on the 1980 Moscow Olympics. This proved to be a gamble that flopped spectacularly when the Olympics were boycotted by most nations over the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. With no plot to speak of the film is only a series of running skits and gags that lack any connection - the whole film could make do with a quarter of its running time with no measurable difference. It never seems to be much more than a feature-length collation of cartoon shorts. Action slows to a standstill during the insipid, instantly forgettable songs. Although the odd gag is amusing, like the biography of an alligator athlete - “He began life as a handbag - they said he’d never walk again.”

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I loved this movie when I was younger, I watched it constantly. This movie and The Last Unicorn were two of my favourites.

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