Angie Aparo is neither a woman nor an armadillo. He is, however, a singer/songwriter (see musician). This Georgia born artist's first album release, The American is a true example of what happens when the music industry doesn't get a chance to dig their fingers into an artist's style, soul, and skill.

Produced by Matt Serletic, who also produced matchbox20, collective soul, and aerosmith, The American is a mostly organic ride through romance, fury, and the core emotions any American exhibits day to day.

My favorite songs on this cd are Free Man, Memphis City Rain, and Cry. Then again, there are no songs on the cd that aren't worth careful listening...lyrically, The American is one of the most heartfelt albums I've heard.

As stated on his website, "Human, honest and real. That's The American. That's Angie Aparo."

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