Angel Links is a sorry-ass anime series that was never released on television. Why? 'Cause it sucked.

It tries to drag viewers in with "From the Outlaw Star Universe," when it has nothing to do with Outlaw Star. Sure, there are space pirates, but every show has that. It also tries to ensnare horny teenage boys with its gratuitous... nay, EXTREME fanservice. Almost all of the fanservice is provided by Li Meifon, the 16-year-old protagonist of the story. It is highly doubtful that she is 16, for her breasts are the size of jet engines and her waist is as thin as Strom Thurmond's morals. She wears low-cut dresses that showcase her amazing figure, often letting the viewers get a glimpse of her "forbidden zone." Her tops are no better: They vainly try to contain the biggest jugs in the Outlaw Star universe, which tend to jiggle maliciously whenever they are engaged in fighting. Ohhhhhh momma. And to make her chest even livelier, in her cleavage lives a cat-bat thing that transforms into a sword. Wow.

As for the plot, well, there isn't much of one. Meifon is accompanied by several other shapely women and few men on a quest to rid the universe of space pirates, she ends up discovering her past, lots of teary eyes, blah blah blah...

So, unless you want mega-fanservice and mega-boredom, don't purchase this romp through the world of Gene Starwind.

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