British brand of toilet paper, manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Ltd.

Andrex is famous for two things:

  • Its slogan: "Soft strong and long." In TV ads, this used to be "Soft and strong and very very long", but they obviously now think it's not quite as long as that. Note the phenomenal scope for off-colour innuendo.
  • The Andrex Puppy, a ridiculously cute golden labrador pup, which has been the Andrex mascot since the year zoink. (Or 1972, depending how you count.)

In their TV ads, the Andrex Puppy used to run into a toilet while some adorable youngster was, you know, doing its business. (Said youngster would be shot from careful angles to only show it from the knees down.) Puppy would start playing with the soft toilet paper, and get it tangled around itself. Puppy then runs out of the toilet, down the stairs and out into the garden, dragging toiler paper behind it, and leaving youngster with just a bare toilet roll.

Some facts about Andrex toilet paper (taken from the side of a packet):

  • Minimum 279 sheets per roll
  • Average sheet size 124 x 110mm
  • Average roll length 34.59m

A more fun fact, I find, is that with a whole pack of Andrex (4 rolls), you could cover the surface of a 10 x 5 meter swimming pool. (If it wouldn't go all wet and soggy and bunch up, that is.)

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