According to an article on Yahoo! (and elsewhere), Andrew Carlssin was arrested on January 28, 2003 by "Federal Agents" in the U.S. on insider trading charges. It seems that he's managed to turn an $800 stake into 350 million dollars in the past few months through a series of 126 high risk trades (all of which turned out to be winners).

It seems that Mr. Carlssin's defense is that he's a time traveller from the year 2256 and couldn't resist the temptation to come back to this era to make a killing on the stock market. As "proof", Mr. Carlssin has offered to provide a cure for AIDS and the whereabouts of one Osama bin Laden.

The "Feds" are (for some strange reason) not entirely convinced that his story is true. In fact, they say that they don't believe a word of it and are convinced that he's some sort of nut case. On the other hand, they say that they can't find any record of him prior to December, 2002.

The Yahoo! articles states that the source of the story is Weekly World News and the author is listed as "Chad Kultgen" (a fishy name if there ever was one).

This writeup is based on an article on Yahoo!!'s news site. The article is titled 'TIME TRAVELLER' BUSTED FOR INSIDER TRADING and dated March 19, 2003. The URL is (last accessed 2003/4/17).

This story is (obviously) either a hoax or the biggest news of the millennium (I'm betting on it being a hoax). If it is a hoax, one wonders at what level the hoax occurs:

  • Did "Weekly World News" actually publish the story?
  • Who's writing behind the pseudonym "Chad Kultgen" (assuming that it's a pseudonym and I'm also betting that it is)?
  • Did "Federal Agents" actually arrest anyone on an "insider trading" charge that even remotely resembles the one described in the story?
  • Is this writeup a total hoax?
If it's not a hoax then you might want to save yourself a copy of this writeup before the Time Travel Paradox Recovery Squad remove it from this server (grin).

P.S. Personally, I'd accept a well documented sequence of 126 consecutive winning stock trades as proof of time travel (or the ability to communicate with a higher being)! :-)>

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