Last night I was at a ska/punk show my buddy was running. It was at a rented-out YWCA and he had asked me to come along to carry equipment and keep an eye on stuff. I'm not big but there's something about copious facial hair that tends to increase the personal space people give you. Anyway, at the end of the show, I noticed two guys yelling and pushing each other. One of them was the drummer of the closing band. I asked what was up and someone told me that the other guy had been fooling around with the one guy's girlfriend while he'd been on stage. This guy was really really pissed off. I tried to get between the guys, but they started going at it. The drummer looked like he was going to kill this kid if we gave him the chance, so I jumped back in the middle and pulled them apart. The other kid had already taken a couple of harsh punches and I guess he was fighting a bit blind. He wasn't really paying attention, and he let one fly. He punched me right in the jaw. It wasn't a hard one, being that the kid wasn't really very big, but I was already stressed with the situation, and lost it. He just had time to realize what he'd done and back up a half-step before I nailed him right in the nose. I mean, I totally stepped into the punch and everything. What a mess. The kid went flat down on his back. I'd never seen blood actually squirt out of someone's nose before, but believe me, it can. The kid was out cold. Some people were clapping, but I felt awful. His nose was obviously very broken. It was turned flat against his face so the end of it was actually pushed against one cheek. Me and one other kid dragged him out of the room. by the time we got him to a couch his whole face was already purple. We got him some ice, but he's never gonna be the same. I feel terrible. I just wanted to write it down to see if it made me feel any better. I mean, I didn't even know this kid. Grrr. Anyway, I don't feel any better, so I'll just end.

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