An old joke with an ex- of mine. The topic has come up with female friends several times. It goes something like this...

It is sort of an urban legend that a sneeze is the closest your body naturally comes to having an orgasm. (There is another equivalent i have heard something along the lines of seven sneezes in a row is the chemical equivalent of an orgasm.) Now, the inherrent dangers of nasal sex derive from this quite easily. If your nose is not capable of holding an orgasm on its own, it is probably unwise to have sex in such a place.

And then it concludes with something like "And that is why we don't have sex in your (the) nose." That is if anyone would ever pry to inquire about such a feat. The exact wording escapes me now, but the point is there. It was her AOL quote for a brief while.

The best part about such a tagline is that you obviously have to inquire about such, because with every great (or totally off the wall) quote, there is obviously a story... (or even an inside joke to be let in on...)

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