A bot created in 2013 by Colin Rothfels, Anagramatron crawls Twitter in order to find tweets that are, by chance, anagrams of each other. Unrelated, but algorithmically compatible, the resulting pairs of random thoughts synchronized by a machine often result in otherworldly poetry. Here and there, they fit together oddly well. Sometimes, they directly contradict each other. At other times, they are just plain funny.

However, most tweets the script finds are identical, or differ only very slightly from another. This means that everything Anagramatron finds is still filtered out manually, and only anagrams with substantially different content get retweeted on Anagramatron's page. They typically add up to around 5-10 pairs of tweets per day.

Here are some of my favorites from the first few hundred entries:

@itsmeJanicaMary vs @_PrettyFaceTiff

Long distance love
— Janica Ricote (@itsmeJanicaMary) May 23, 2013

Leaving cold stone
— TiffFace (@_PrettyFaceTiff) May 20, 2013

@ChanellePearls_ vs @AhRingBells

Music soothes me
— IG: PonyyPearls_ (@ChanellePearls_) May 24, 2013

She coo sumtimes
— A$AP_ (@AhRingBells) May 20, 2013

@chanheeboo vs @Trey20Riggs

nothing feels right
— ♥엔젤♡틴수니♥ (@chanheeboo) May 24, 2013

Single for the night
— Trey Riggs (@Trey20Riggs) May 22, 2013

@KASHmonaay vs @aubrielynn_

I love glitter.
— Kayla Hackney (@KASHmonaay) May 24, 2013

I’ll get over it
—∞ ♡ ‏Aubrie ♡ ‏∞ (@aubrielynn_) May 19, 2013

@Dallas_Nolan13 vs @arthalrnc

You a mean girl..
— Dally! (@Dallas_Nolan13) May 22, 2013

I am your angel:)
— Artha Liurencia (@arthalrnc) May 17, 2013

@yoimmapotato vs @fuckarika

So much road kill
— ☆Isabela Fizzy☆ (@yoimmapotato) May 22, 2013

Lol I’m such a dork.
— … (@fuckarika) May 17, 2013

@VerginMobile vs @kaittfaye13

My house is steaming.
— Josh Vergin (@VerginMobile) May 31, 2013

Guess I’m stayin home..
— stubbz. (@kaittfaye13) May 29, 2013

@Jay_Mills27 vs @xoxogc

Need a distraction
— Joseph Miller (@Jay_Mills27) June 4, 2013

dead interactions
— Aerielle∞ (@xoxogc) May 31, 2013

@maxfergus4 vs @naturalspak

So yea my wish failed
— max fergus (@maxfergus4) June 10, 2013

So I hide myself away
— your bitch (@naturalspak) June 9, 2013

@swtceline vs @_Lashea29

now i miss you already….
— Selina Yna Nerrisa (@swtceline) June 11, 2013

I’m always on your side.
— #Beauitful ❤ (@_Lashea29) June 3, 2013

@ksigggs vs @KESB10956

Absolutely apathetic.
— Kylie Siggers (@ksigggs) June 13, 2013

Especially about that
— Kathryn⚓ (@KESB10956) May 30, 2013

@MatthewKorman vs @_Attercop

I hate mowing my yard!
— Matthew Korman (@MatthewKorman) June 16, 2013

ow my heart am I dying
— becca (@_Attercop) June 3, 2013

@OFaydullah vs @AlilianaLovesU

— Omar Faydullah (@OFaydullah) June 23, 2013

My Internet is hella dumb
— ✨Aliliana Sandifer✨ (@AlilianaLovesU) June 22, 2013

@VABB_ulous vs @_itskarinaa

I’m going cry in the shower.
— So Fetch † (@VABB_ulous) June 28, 2013

— ✨ (@_itskarinaa) June 28, 2013

@PBXMusicGroup vs @JosephWAnderson

— PBX Music Group (@PBXMusicGroup) June 19, 2013

Teaching, teaching, teaching.
— Joseph Anderson (@JosephWAnderson) June 28, 2013

@ApolloRian vs @jamesx209

I’m anti hype now.
— Swank Jaeger (@ApolloRian) June 21, 2013

I want my iPhone
— James Vanotti (@jamesx209) June 29, 2013

@rachhann14 vs @adameehh

My sister’s cat is a demon.
— Rachael ♡ (@rachhann14) July 4, 2013

And it’s scary sometimes.
— Powder de Blanca (@adameehh) July 10, 2013

@dat_squadNigga vs @Cristiannnn17

My smile don’t fade
— De’Lyric (@dat_squadNigga) June 23, 2013

Damn time does fly
— cris (@Cristiannnn17) July 11, 2013

These entries were selected from Anagramatron's tumblr page. If you're interested in the script/coding of Anagramatron, you can find info on GitHub.

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