This is the original version of the story, left here for effect. The English version is below.

Sluttlisk tala isk Störisöm, em hur isk vürd en Pyrat. Den läta em sohnisk Dag und isk standt ut Strandtsöm. Öf Horizontsöm läta den em Pyratskepp, en var rot und svart. Isk sah Morsom Drepper Fannen Skeppes und isk hördet Godievasöm Haffes präta til mer. En fragdet mer, ob isk vill til det kommer. Isk sagdet ,,Äje!"

Skeppen seildet dürt Vasserett til Strandsöm. Isk klättdet an det, Morsom Drepperett til traffa. Vann man saga ,,den läta", mann saga ,,Morsom Drepper läta"

Van gabdt mer ett Svert, en vära av es Fleisch und es Knosk.

English translation (thanks to my Sister):

Upon request my Sister expanded the English version

This is a story that has been in my family for very long. Moral lesson at the bottom.

Title: On Monday I am a Pirate

Finally I am able to tell the story of how I became a Pirate. It was a sunny day (wouldn't you expect it to be stormy?) and I was standing on the beach (Family trips are so boring!). On the Horizon I saw a Pirate Ship. It's colors were red and black, symbols of blood and death. I heard the ocean talk to me. It asked me, "Will you join us?" I emphatically replied, "Yes!"

The Ship sailed to the Shore. It called upon me and I swam out. I climbed aboard and met the Captain, Morsom Drepper. (The last sentence is rendered incomprehensible in English. It basically shows how great the Morsom Drepper is).

He gave me a Sword made of Flesh and Bone of those he had slain. With the Sword I now had the Power.

Meaning: The story makes little sense in English, if it can even be called one. Basically it is a story that reward comes through searching and hard work. (I hope my English is OK)

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