An eventful day ...

What is an eventful day?

An eventful day is any day in which an event happens? No, that would be the obvious answer, but more often than not, an eventful day is filled with fun, adventures and a lot of stress.

When your Significant Other comes home with half their hair burnt off, tire marks up the right side of their body, one high-heel and one black leather combat boot.. You can be sure that they have had an eventful day.

One such example;

Taking a trip into the city, turning incorrectly through a hook turn, locking the keys into the car, finding all prices in the store to be 10% higher than anywhere else, missing the turn off to the next store, navigating the suburbs in an attempt to find our way back to the store, finding the store is closed, speeding to the next store, finding parking in one of the largest shopping centers in the state ( if not the largest ), running through the traffic to get inside, finding the store on the directory, running through the center ( slippery floors ) & then managing not to pass out from the exertion.

It was an eventful day.

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