"Look what life was like before genetic engineering." - Amy to Leela after seeing Fry naked in the co-ed sauna

Voiced by Lauren Tom, Amy Wong is the Planet Express engineering intern in the Futurama universe. She is the daughter of the affluent Leo and Inez Wong; their ancestors bought the western hemisphere of Mars from the native Martians decades ago. Her wealth and name are famous, as her family name not only adorns Wong Library at Mars University, but also the sorority Kappa Kappa Wong. Despite her riches she dresses in a pink sweatsuit that reveals her bare midriff as a rebellious act against her pushy parents who are always telling her to act more like a lady (and produce them some grandchildren). ("You have all this money and stuff, but why do you always dress like you're doing your laundry?" once asked ex-boyfriend Philip Fry). She prides herself on her cuteness, having only become cute following her awkward overweight childhood. In fact, she became so cute in her teen years that she had cuteness reduction surgery on her cheeks and nose. Her childhood was spent growing up on Mars at the Wong Ranch where she raised buggalo, specifically Betsy, a buggalo larva that ate one of her sweaters. Now in her early twenties, Amy attends Mars University and works at Planet Express as part of her engineering degree (mainly because she shares the same blood type as the company's owner, Hubert Farnsworth, although she probably is not aware of this fact). She's also acquired a number of tattoos over the years, including a talking devil, a pony, and an obscene tattoo that cannot be seen on primitive low-definition television screens.

Being an engineering student, Amy possesses a number of technical skills. She's become quite adept at piloting the Planet Express ship (she's the backup pilot, in fact), using the magnetic crane aboard the ship, and at jackhammering as well as jetpacking. She does not usually go on the company delivery missions, but she has been known to tag along when she has nothing better to do. One of Amy's most valuable skills is the rare ability to search the Internet for information that does not contain pornographic content. Amy is the clumsiest character on Futurama; she's always falling, slipping, tripping, and stumbling. She possesses this trait because the show's creators reasoned that on The Simpsons the male characters (such as Homer Simpson) were often injured and careless, so they figured that, in the interest of equal opportunity, a female character should be the clumsy one on Futurama. She's also been known to say nonsense words in times of exasperation, such as "Gleesh", "Spluh", and "Schman".

Amy has had limited success with finding a successful romantic relationship. She's been on a number of dates with a number of miscellaneous guys while dressed in various skimpy outfits ("It's fun to dress them," producer David X. Cohen once said in regards to the Planet Express crew) and she once dated co-worker Philip Fry for several days prior to Valentine's Day 3001. In fact, it was during their brief romance that Fry was decapitated after a car crash and, in order to keep him alive, his head was grafted on to Amy's cute shoulder until his body could be healed. She ultimately found romance with Kif Kroaker, a Democratic Order of Planets lieutenant serving under Captain Zapp Brannigan onboard the Nimbus. They met during the Titanic disaster of 3000, but did not go on a date until 3002. Kif became quite smitten with her and the two have grown very close - so close, in fact, that Amy's love for Kif put the amphibious alien into a "receptive phase" in which he became fertile. During this period he was accidentially impregnated by Leela, although he considers Amy to be the mother of his children. Amy was initially hesitant to become a mother, but when she found out that the babies would spend twenty years undisturbed in a swamp on the far-away world of Amphibious 9, she knew that when the time came to raise the children, she would be ready for them.

Amy was last seen in the audience at Philip Fry's holophonor opera in "The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings".

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