The wide discrepancy between the American dream and the American reality is so harshly recognized in the faces of our country's downtrodden and repressed.
Everyday more people fall through the cracks, betrayed by the system and ignored by the people. Either because of their financial situation or disposition these people aren’t accepted into American society, instead they are shunned, deemed not worthy of the so-called American dream.

However, this may be to their advantage seeing as how we have sold this dream to any and every big business and corporation willing to buy. And buy they do. Our land, or resources, until there is nothing left but the shirts on our backs, which are for sale as well. This is no longer America home of the free, but America home of the name your price.

America sells out to countless corporations but we have allowed the biggest, most dangerous of them all to have complete control of us. The U.S government robs the American people of money, humanity and dignity with each passing day. It takes more brains and effort to make out the income-tax form than it does to make the income.
The government rips us off at every chance and not to our own benefit. More extravagant balls and dinners, a bigger paycheck for congressmen, lavish furniture in the White House. These things do not benefit the average American in any way, shape or form.

The worst part about it though, is the fact that most Americans don’t even realize the problem. It’s their duty to be patriotic, defend their country’s long proud history and other such bullshit. Few even realize the extent of their country problems and even fewer act on it. Usually the people who do are called “extremists" and other such words that were reserved for people who tried to blow up the parlament building.
The only way anyone in this god forsaken country even knows how to rebel is by burning and pillaging events like woodstock which are supposed to be commemorating the “good old days” when peace and love ruled and the divorced rate went up by half.

I know that the whole world has problems but America is one of the most powerful and we do have a lot of influence on the rest of the countries.
So basically, America is really fucked up and we should do something. (This paragraph was starting to read more like an apology for everything else I said so I’ll just finish it there.)

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