Founded in 1991, the APA aims to improve the lives of pets no matter the species or health of the animal. The APA helps pet owners learn how to properly care for pets by improving home and yard conditions and by teaching safety techniques.

The role of pets has changed drastically in modern life. New scientific and nutrition discoveries in the past decades have taught much more about our animal companions. Here are some instructions that the APA recommends to new pet owners on what not to do:

  • Tie your pet to a tree or post
  • Rub a puppy's nose in its fecal matter to train it where to defecate
  • Hitting your dog to teach obedience
  • Letting cats run free
  • De-barking and de-clawing pets
  • Feeding pets scrap food

Sensitivity training is one of the APA's major goals. It continually lobbies for further government action to prevent pet injustices in our society.


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