One’s willingness to learn beyond one’s own biases, embrace tolerance, interpret and learn from history and other cultures, and shed ignorance, are not, as some would insist, examples of arbitrary and meaningless attempts to avoid unnecessary political wrangling (the Political Correctness trap). Instead, they are substantive examples of civilized, considerate, polite, educated, and growth minded behaviors.

Examples of what is and is not being “politically correct” (PC):

  • Banning the word "vulnerable" (a Trump directive among six other banned word) when working for the CDC. This is the exact definition of PC since it has zero inherent usefulness other than satisfying a politician’s personal agenda.
  • Understanding and objecting to the racism inherently and repugnantly exhibited by “Chief Wahoo” being used as the mascot for a major sports team (professional baseball team in Cleveland, Ohio). This is an example of awareness and respecting others. It is entirely incorrect to narrowly label such an objection as “PC”. Doing so is simply a tactic to marginalize the racism.

Bad ideas have always existed. After society realizes an idea is bad, continuing to share and accept the idea was, until recently, considered ignorant and lazy. Most people hoped to avoid such shameful behavior no matter their political affiliations. Now, many bad ideas are shielded under the false label of “politically incorrect”. It is a labeling tactic that claims criticism of an idea is merely arbitrary and distorted to be politically convenient. Once under that label, bad ideas are openly promoted as part of a larger strategy to taunt educated people’s “sensitivities”. This boorish behavior has become a fairly widespread movement, and in the United States it even has an apolitical political leader.

Astonishingly, that leader brags about his personal aversion to reading and structured learning. When confronted with complex questions about economics, science, international affairs, or social issues, he simply summons an "impeccable" response from the surface of his readily available impressions. Ironically, his refusal to seek regular guidance beyond his own narrow instincts, and to elevate like-minded people to important positions, mesmerizes his supporters, and they look up to their "flawless" leader in awe.

This movement is as dangerous as it is backward. It prizes unfiltered and uneducated gut comments over a conscientious synthesis of evidence-based knowledge. It promotes conspiracy theories through mass psychosis where the willing participants wage war not only on progressives, but on progress itself. All of this blessed by the ultimate perverter of knowledge, our trashy side-show provocateur-in-chief. A provocateur who expresses himself almost exclusively through childish lies and insults and his followers absolutely praise him for it – their reward for his ordinary commitment to “keep it real” and "tell it like it is". This fatuous archaic hoaxer couldn't be more backward if he were to shit in his own little hand and throw it at the Library of Congress.


“as when we a gun discharge,

Although the bore be never so large,

Before the flame from muzzle burst,

Just at the breech it flashes first;

So from my lord his passion broke,

He farted first, and then he spoke.”

-- Jonathan Swift

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