One very gorgeous model who got filmized when she got her role in What Lies beneath with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. She plays the ghost seeking revenge on the married, yet-he-who-can't-keep-his-cock-in-his-pants Ford. Apparently seeing herself dead on the screen freaked her out. Also starred with Nicholas Cage in Family Man.

Valletta was born in Oklahoma in 1974, and first started out as a model at the age of 15, married some French pretty-boy model Herve Le Bihan (lucky cunt) at 20 and divorced a couple of years after that.

The little blonde goddess has featured in ad campaigns for Gucci, Versace, Prada and Elizabeth Arden and she defiantly defends the film and fashion industries against the stereotype accusations that the thin models that we all know and love are damaging as aspirational figures for young girls. "Have you ever heard anyone complain that fat women are bad role models? That their life expectancy is really short? That they risk all sorts of diseases? Nobody says Roseanne Barr is a health hazard."

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