Released: 1995
Directed by: Jon Kroll
Written by: Jon Kroll
Genre: Comedy (no matter what everyone says...)

Okay, I really like this movie... It's very cute, and doesn't take itself seriously. The captivating Nicole Eggert does a great job (she is quite stunning if I do say so myself). The basic plot involves an alien entity that must live in a human host (of course). The alien gets high on pepper, and soon develops a love for sex which Amanda seems to enjoy as it inhabits various men starting with her ex-boyfriend. Amanda helps the alien to blend in modern society so it won't be captured by the bizarre government agents trying to hunt it down.

Yes, this movie is silly. But, it's clever at times, and I found it quite enjoyable. Sure, I like bad movies, but I don't consider this one a truly bad movie. Besides, it's probably worth seeing it just for Nicole Eggert.

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