slip past the times you remember and 
try to live for now
i remember how you used to cry
every time i looked at you
you said you could see the pain
that i hid inside, shared only with my eyes
i heard you say that you could feel
the way my heart ached, and you would
try so hard to offer me solace in your
thoughts, i was too lost in my own
the last time we embraced was only
moments before the earth turned cold
and you fell through the space that it left
in my mind, and i was the one crying now
as it took you so far, so far away
i could feel again, then, and you knew that
it was the most you could do for me then
you had the chance to return but you
told me i could do it on my own, set me free
and the wind blew the hair from my eyes
(i always seemed protected behind it)
dried the tears and i walked on past the hurt
(it had been for so long)
i fell more than once, but not hard (or deep) enough to stop me
(something always helped me up)

and in the end i saw you, in the place you'd promised
to be all along, right.. beside me.

(i just had to close my eyes)

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