Alvin Journey man follows the tale of Alvin Maker, now fully grown into his abilities, as he begins to face forces arrayed against him, including his own brother. He also starts building the friends around him, including a wife, that will be needed to finally realize his dream of the Crystal City.

For those unfamiliar with the storyline, The Tales of Alvin Maker is set in an alternative history of the United States. New England is a separate country, as are the Crown Colonies where the deposed King of England resides. Oliver Cromwell never lost in this history. And in this history, there is magic. Not mummery or prestidigitation, but innate talents and affinities that the people in the books term "knacks". Most are minor and ephemeral. The ability to plow a REALLY straight line, or the ability to make people feel welcome. Others allow people to tell the future or cast powerful curses. And Alvin has the most remarkable knack of them all.

This book has many of the problems of a Card novel set later in a series. Orson himself says that he never knows a story has ended until his hero is dead. Card usually comes out of the gate strong and ends strong, but the 3rd quarter can be rough, and this book displays those problems. While I read Seventh Son and Red Prophet over and over, I rarely feel the need to reread this book.

Still, it is part of an incredible storyline, and if you are going to read the series, it is de rigeur.

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