Altruizine is a "metapsychotropic transmitting agent" which works by creating an empathic positive telepathic feedback loop resonating in proportion to the number of individuals in a given vicinity.
ALTRUIZINE will ensure the untrammeled reign of Brotherhood, Cooperation and Compassion in any society, since the neighbors of a happy man must share his happiness, and the happier he, the happier perforce they, so it is entirely in their own interest that they wish him nothing but the best.
Altruizine is a drug which works on humans, but not robots. It was invented by the Gnostotron, an omnipotent computer which represents the H.P.L.D.s or Highest Possible Level of Development(s).

The drug appears in the chapter "Altruizine" in Stanislaw Lem's satirical short story collection, The Cyberiad.

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