Alnwick Rum is a particular mixture of aged Jamaican and Guyanan rum, blended in accordance with a secret recipe in the north east of England. It was first produced by the Alnwick Brewery Company during World War I and a separate Alnwick Rum Company was established in 1966. Drybroughs Brewery took over the Alnwick Brewery in July 1978 and closed down the Alnwick operation in 1986 by which time the production of rum had ceased.

The former owner of the rum company died in April 2001 amd among his papers was the original recipe for Alnwick Rum. His son Ian Linsley decided to re-register Alnwick Rum Company Limited and revive the product, which is currently blended on the company's behalf by Hall and Bramley of Aintree. On the 19th November it was officially launched at The Alnwick Garden Shop in the presence of the Duchess of Northumberland. Northumberland/Alnwick/

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