Fair warning -- this is really, really, really dirty stuff.
If you're a prudish, go no further. Otherwise, you might want to grab a towel....


Young couple lustfully nuzzles,
Blouse hurriedly unbuttoned, stuffed under couch.
Undergarments unceremoniously chucked.
Muscled stud suckles upon paramour's buxom bosom,
Until mouth ventures further, sumptuously brushing south.

Juicy pussy. Sucked, turbulently tongued,
Cunnilingus urges slutty churning under humming slurps,
Culmination, multiple cumming adventures surge.
Stud's shoulders squeezed, bruised,
Squirming butt undulates sensually,
Muff buckles up under furious tonguing.

Until suddenly, turned, up under,
Naturally lubricated plush pussy
Lushly stuffed phallus-full,
Hung young stud, grunting, thrusts true,
Pumps unrelentingly, hustling pleasure.
Pulled upright, muscles grunt, hungers unified.

Stud sausage squirts cum through lust-puffed vulva;
Erupting fuckpole cums; thrusts, cums; humps soulfully, cums; pauses.
But slutty fuck-hungry cunt continues lusting.
Exhausted dude's junk must endure,
Compulsory fucking rounds.

Paramour's hussy mouth plumps up phallus through urgent cocksucking.
Stud's hunger returns, fucking resumes unabated.
Lustful fuckbuddy juices pour out, unrelenting.
Resurgently, further fucking hours ensue, mutual cumming rules.... until....

Young couple cuddles, fulfilled, joyously unconscious.

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