A great 1984 movie starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Directed by Carl Reiner.

Steve Martin plays Roger, a lawyer who's at a very important time in his life, career and romance-wise. He's getting married soon, his boss wants him to be the lawyer for his divorce trial.

Meanwhile, a very wealthy client comes into the office to have her will made up, but she seems very eccentric. Her name is Edwina, played by Lily Tomlin. She's a complete prima donna, and comes off as a cranky old rich woman. Immediately she tries to walk all over Martin, and he gets into an arguement with her, whereupon he storms out.

Her will says that all her property is to go into this young girl who works for her giant estate. She brings along a Swami who claims he can take her soul from her aging body and put it into the young girl. As she begins to die, the Swami pulls her soul out from her body into the bowl...and promptly knocks it out the window.

The camera immediately cuts to Steve Martin, with a bowl on his head. Edwina's soul is now in his body, along with his own. When he looks in a mirror, he sees and can talk to her, but she controls his right side, and he gets the left.

It's a comedy with a romance thrown in. They're both trying to find the Swami and get Edwina into a separate body, but at the same time they despise each other.

The girlfriend accuses him of seeing another girl, as she hears a woman's voice fighting with him. You see him fighting against himself not to reach over and smack the boss.

There's some slapstick, as Martin winds up fighting himself, and some interior dialogue as they both wrestle each other for control. Steve Martin really steals the show in this one, as you see him more often, than Tomlin. The best part is when you see one half of him marching into a building, the other side dragging its feet. Other times she makes him yell something out in a higher pitched voice, like telling the Judge in a courtroom to shut up, while he clamps a hand over his own mouth. It's one of Steve Martin's best movies, he tries to deal with having one half of him female.

There's also a romance, as they finally see each other's perspectives over time.

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