Alexisonfire is a Screamo\Post-Hardcore Band from Canada, formed in 2001 by 5 friends. Their music is highly energetic, incorporating complex guitar melodies with wide-ranging and unusual lyrical topics. Their name is pronounced "Alexis On Fire", not "Alex Is On Fire" as most people think when first seeing their punctuation devoid title. They get their strange name from the world's only Lactating Contortionist Stripper, Alexis Fire, and some of their tracks have equally odd names - the first song they ever recorded was titled "The Philosophical Significance of Shooting My Sister in the Face: An Essay By James Secord".

Their main fanbase is in their home country of Canada, but they are growing in popularity elsewhere in the world; when they toured Europe in 2005 they sold out many of the venues, and have received several awards, including New Group Of The Year at the Juno awards, and NXNE Favorite Indie Band at the Casby awards. Less prestigiously, they were also nominated for Ugliest Rock Band Ever at the Casby awards.

They are quite musically distinctive, but you are likely to enjoy their music if you are a fan of The Used, Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend or Hell Is For Heroes

Current Members -

  • George Pettit- Lead Vocals
  • Dallas Green - Guitar/Vocals
  • Wade MacNeil - Guitar/Vocals
  • Chris Steele - Bass
  • Jordan "Ratbeard" Hastings - Drums


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