It may be fair to say, judging by his photo, that his birth year would be circa 1950. A quick biographical summary on him is not forthcoming, and perhaps unnecessary. For all I know, he could be a noder on this site, incognito beneath his username, because what strikes a chord for me in perusal of four to five of Lobrano's gastronomic reviews (with generous photos) are the occasional, slightly askant turns-of-phrase and unpredictable digressions, which I'm learning are practically de rigueur for a well-received Everything2 write-up.

Lobrano writes for The Guardian from his rooms in Paris. He has won a Pulitzer Prize, possibly for his book, Hungry for Paris (second ed. APR 2014, Random House), "the ultimate guide to the city's 109 best restaurants" -- which I've not yet searched out in Powell's (Portland, OR) to put my hands on. The Guardian's profile currently has links to four of his recent articles:

  • Candlenut ... Singapore's Peranakan cuisine (April 2015)
  • Top 10 breakfast spots in Paris (Feb 2015)
  • The lure of the Loire (Sept 2014)
  • Top 10 restaurants in Marseille (Aug (2013).

The petit dejeuner article led me, I believe, to his website where he's been posting a review every few weeks or so, of late. Two that really caught my attention are:

  • Auberge Bressane, Paris -- a living archive of the great tastes of Gaul, B+ (March 4, 2015)
  • La Maree Jeanne | a good catch for seafood lovers in Les Halles, B+ (April 7, 2015).

This evening his website shows a tweet from 11 h. ago.

I have drawn the following inference,
that the limits of pleasure are
as yet neither known nor fixed.

This Lobrano has a knack for distinguishing what's present / what's missing and politely communicating his perceptions -- very useful to know when selecting a restaurant, especially in Paris.

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