Aldor is a computer language.

I just popped upstairs the the 14th floor to grab a cup of very bad coffee. I was playing around with the new devel nodlet and I was thinking to myself, wow contibuting to everything by adding a cool feature would be really cool. Like a page that gave a distribution of the votes on each of your nodes or something like that. I tought that I might be able to do this in python but definitly not in pearl. Someone has written, an extension that allows for a natural language description of a pattern matching request. It's verbose but easy to use. Perl is short but obtuse. So I thought right that little project will have to go by the wayside, and perhaps some day I should learn pearl, then I thought fuck it no, the future of computer languages has to be the way of natural language. Computers are supposed to do the graft, right?, which brings me to Aldor.

Aldor is A Language for Describing Objects and their Relationships. It is very easy to create your own types, a hilbert space, for example or a conjugate gradient solver. The code is very high level and almost reads like English. I don't really know that much about it, but I feel that the future lies in this direction.

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