Albumin is a globular protein. It binds hydrophobic substances, e.g. fat acids and many common pharmaceuticals. This enables these substances to be transported through the blood even though they are not easily soluble in water.

A heat-coagulatable, water-soluble globular protein found in egg white, blood plasma and many other plant and animal tissues. Albumin from cow blood is often used as an enzyme stabilizer.

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Al*bu"min (#), n. Chem.

A thick, viscous nitrogenous substance, which is the chief and characteristic constituent of white of eggs and of the serum of blood, and is found in other animal substances, both fluid and solid, also in many plants. It is soluble in water is coagulated by heat ad by certain chemical reagents.

Acid albumin, a modification of albumin produced by the action of dilute acids. It is not coagulated by heat. -- Alkali albumin, albumin as modified by the action of alkaline substances; -- called also albuminate.


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