AJ6's vision is of an educated and tolerant community, responsible for each other, excited and enriched by their Judaism and inspired by their Youth.

Aj6's mission is to educate and develop Jewish fifth and sixth formers, enabling them to shape Jewish life at school, on campus and in the wider community.


The Association of Jewish Sixth Formers (Aj6) was founded in 1977 at Carmel College, near Oxford. There were over 200 members at its founding Conference.

Historically, Aj6 existed just as a service-providing organisation, but at some point in the 1980s it developed an active membership which began to function like a Youth Movement. This movement continued providing services to non-members.

In 1992, a major cutback in service provision and the removal of Zionism from the organisation's core aims led to a loss of funding from the British Jewish community.

Aj6 was able to continue, beng run by volunteers until funding was restored.


Aj6 today is a peer-led Jewish communal Organisation which provides services for fifth and sixth formers (aged 15-18) in Great Britain. It is run by a National Executive elected out of the membership (also aged 15-18) annually at its Conference.

Aj6 has a full time staff of post-University ex-members and an administrator. It occasionally runs residential events. On these events, positions of responsibility are filled by University student ex-members, who act as madrichim.

The organisation runs weekly educational meetings at various places around the country. These meetings are planned, orgainsed and run by the Membership.


Aj6 produces "The Aj6 guide to Jewish Student Life" to help school leavers choose a university. It also runs the Aj6-JAMS Schools Project, providing support and co-ordination roles to school Jewish Societies. It runs a variety of tours; to Israel, Northernand Southern Europe, and the USA.

see www.aj6.org for their website

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