A nearly brand-spanking-new all-purpose indoor sports arena in the glorious MegaCity of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (which would explain the second word in its name). Home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors; it is their great good fortune to have become competitive teams just in time to generate massive revenue streams from playoff successes. I have yet to see an aeroplane land there. It does have air conditioning, though.

An uninspired follow-up to Maple Leaf Gardens, which was revolutionary when it was built. The Air Canada theme seems to have permeated every aspect of the design of this behemoth which appears to be an airport terminal-hangar hybrid, despite its history as an old Post Office sorting station.

Some believe that the land would have been better put to use as parking for the proposed Union Station complex that, unfortunately, failed to be approved by the city.

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