Ahura Mazda is the god of Zoroastrianism. He is the Eternal and Uncreated, the Wise Lord. Ahura Mazda is one of the two original spirits of Zoroastrianism. The other is Angra Mainyu, Uncreated but not Eternal, the Evil Spirit. Ahura Mazda is responsible for the creation of the Earth, and all the people on Earth are thought to be spirits who volunteered to assume the forms of human beings to aid Ahura Mazda in his fight against Angra Mainyu. There is some debate as to whether Ahura Mazda is the direct counterpart to Angra Mainyu (in which case Zoroastrianism would be considered to be a cosmic dualism rather than a monotheism,) or whether Angra Mainyu is the counterpart of Spenta Mainyu, who is the most powerful of Ahura Mazda's creations (in which case this conflict would comprise a spiritual dualism, which reflects the inner struggle of all human beings.)

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