city and state in central México.


One of México's smallest states, the name, from the Spanish for "hot waters," stems from the many thermal springs in the vicinity. The state has good rail and highway connections with all parts of Mexico (having only 5500 square kilometers allows for ultra-modern transportation. Population (1980) = 519,439, (1990) = 719,659, (2000 estimate) = 943,000


capital of Aguascalientes state. Founded as a mining settlement in 1575, Aguascalientes was named capital when the state was created during the 1850s. It is sometimes called La Ciudad Perforada (The Perforated City) because of a labyrinth of tunnels excavated beneath it in pre-Columbian times by an unknown tribe. The city can be reached by rail, highway, or air. Population (1980) = 233,000, (1990) = 440,000, (2000 estimate) = 594,000

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