A synth-pop group grow inthe lush fields of Manti, Utah (Lush fields? Note sarcasm). A 2-brother-and-a-sister trio that are disciples of Depeche Mode, Alphaville and New Order.

The Name is as an homage to their mother, Agnes Purcell, though they began life as 'Yavannah'. They first got their start with Ranock and Randon as a classic rock band, but in 1991 decided to go the way of synthpop.. they sold their guitars, convinced sister Ranita to tag along and started doing shows under the name of 'Agnes Poetry'.

In early 2000 (after an emotional farewell concert) they moved themselves from Utah to Los Angeles. Many of their fans still haven't forgiven them for it. They're working on a new album as we speak, which will msot likely be released as an Enhanced CD with pre-made MP3's included.

AP's signature piece would have to be 'Once Upon the Wheather', though many would say that their rendition of 'O Come, O Come, Emmanual' is their most impressive work.

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