Agenda Computing is a company that is developing a PDA that is based on Linux and is completely open source, called the VR3.

It has a 16-shade grayscale display and comes with Linux, bash, and X preinstalled on flash memory, as well as some organizational software. It even has audio I/O support. There are a few accessories for the PDA such as a cradle for connecting to a PC, an external modem, and a keyboard.

The first models designed for developers apparently use only flash memory (16mb of it) and no ROM, making them completely upgradable.

Agenda is also planning to eventually make an improved color model called the VR5. Their website is at
Not only does it run Linux, it runs Linux 2.4. Its GUI is powered by FLTK. It has a MIPS CPU at (I believe) 66 MHz.

The consumer model will be available in January. I just ordered my developer model. To get the devel model, you have to join the developer membership program and click through a silly "contract" that says you support open source development among other things. The consumer version will have its OS in ROM.

It has a terminal emulator. I like the idea of running vim on a PDA... :)

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