Agama International is the name of the company run by Bert Langerwerf and his wife Hester Langerwerf. Bert has been breeding reptiles for over 30 years in several countries. He now lives in central Alabama, where he runs Agama International in his back-yard lizard complex. He breeds several species of lizards including Argentine Black and White Tegus, Jeweled Lacertas, and Australian Water Dragons. He breeds only lizards which can hibernate outdoors during the alabama winters. Lizards that don't need electric heating are not only much cheaper, but they're more environmentally friendly.

Bert is very well known in the reptile community, and breeds primarily endangered animals which are hardy and good in captivity. He has many contacts in official channels and has been permitted on many occasions to capture endangered animals in order to breed them with full CITES permits.

Bert is a polyglot, speaking at least Dutch, Russian, German, French, and English. He also takes advantage of economical food sources, such as culled chickens from nearby commercial chicken farms and frozen turkeys thrown in dumpsters after thanksgiving (he uses a chainsaw to cut them into bite-size pieces). If you have any interest in argentine black and white tegus, he sells a video about them affectionately known in some circles as Tegus Gone Wild!, which features over an hour of hot tegu action set to a soundtrack of tango music. While the production value isn't very high, it's fasinating if you like tegus and can get past lo-tech voice-overs.

The author of this writeup has had good experiences with animals purchased from Agama International. You can find out more about them, including a wealth of pretty pictures, at

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